Rabb Se Hai Dua 12th December 2022 Written Update Today Episode

Rabb Se Hai Dua Written Update 12th December 2022

Episode begins with Gazal getting terrified by the proceeds with assault of the thugs. She spurs herself to battle for her respect. Around then somebody begins banging Gazal’s entryway, she wipes her tears and takes her dad’s stick alongside herself. She goes towards the entryway and starts beating the individual in the wake of opening it. In the interim, the individual is uncovered to be Ruhaan and he request that she stop. She gets befuddled seeing him while he answers that Dua has sended him to take care of her. He reviews how Dua came to him and requested help.

Written Update Rabb Se Hai Dua Today Episode

Here, Gazal gets thrilled and checks him out. He insults her for beating him and announces to remain with her for her wellbeing. She sneers and request that he rest outside the house all together watch out for the hooligans. She locks her entryway while he says coy lines to her and afterward remains outside the entryway to watch out for the goons.Dua becomes strained pondering Ruhaan and Gazal. She petitions God for their wellbeing and continues to see her telephone to discover some insight into them. She becomes strained as Ruhaan doesn’t call her. She sees Haider and chooses to enlighten him concerning the matter. He back embraces her while she broadcasts that she needs to converse with him about something important.

Rabb Se Hai Dua

Elsewhere, Haider says that he would rather not have any discussion as they previously had enough. He guarantees that they will talk later and request that she rest. He goes to the bed while she additionally arrives and begins appealing to God for Ruhaan and Gazal’s security. The last option messages Dua that he is remaining with Gazal. In the mean time, Iqbal comes to Gazal’s home and sneers seeing Ruhaan. He makes an arrangement and disappears from there.

Rabb Se Hai Dua Latest Spoiler Alerts 12th December 2022

In the morning Haider sees Dua imploring and afterward sees her physical issue. He declares that he will not have the option to excuse himself, assuming it ends up being profound. She guarantees him and says that it is fine. She request that he see her eyes at whatever point he feel low, as he can consider regard to be well as such a large amount love for him. He grins hearing her words and afterward races to prepare for his significant work.

Ahead, Dua again attempts to converse with Haider yet he tells about his work and disappears. She persistently attempts to contact Ruhaan and makes breakfast for the family. She becomes strained and afterward goes to converse with Haider yet Ruhaan called around then. She picks his telephone and reprimands him for not accepting her calls. He prevents her from informing anybody concerning his whereabouts and says that he is coming back.

Gazal continue to ask her neighbors for water yet everybody denies to give it to her. In the mean time, Aftabs family gets confounded seeing Dua’s way of behaving and predicts that she should be upset by the previous evening’s episode. In the mean time, Haider goes to his office however Dia causes him to eat prior to leaving and appeals to God for his security. She likewise gives lunch box to Raahat and shows her anxiety towards him, while he favors her.

Further, Gazal sees Iqbal while Ruhaan faces him. The last option gets hold of Ruhaan and calls Dua expressing that he will get payback from her loved ones. He cautions the last option while she became stunned. He catches Ruhaan while the last option attempts to make an arrangement with him. Gazal in the middle between them while Iqbal compromises her. Gazal gets stunned and uncovers the make a difference to her loved ones. Gulnaaz faults her for the issue while Dua chooses to save Ruhaan herself. Hina gives her consent while Dua decides to visit Iqbal.

The Episode ends.

Episode begins with Dua seeing as about Haider’s past. She discovers that how Gazal’s dad has saved Haider’s life, yet the last option doesn’t know about it as Rehmani had took a commitment from Hina and Raahat about not telling it to Haider. In the mean time, Dua gets profound and states that it’s her obligation to safeguard Gazal to reimburse her dad. She decides to care for Gazal, while the last option gets gone after by the hooligan. He attempts to gag her while she shouts in torment. She snags a jar and tosses it on him. She promptly runs inside her room and locks it.

Here, Gazal cries reviewing all the difficulty she is confronting and misses her dad. In the mean time, Dua gets inside her room and becomes shocked seeing every one of the embellishments. She finishes hypnotized by the endeavors by Haider while the last option approaches towards her. He is sorry to her for destroying their extraordinary day.

Haider draws out the gift he brought for Dua and puts it inside her jewelry. He communicates his adoration towards her and draws near. They gets heartfelt as he takes her towards the bed. He eliminates her jewelleries and starts kissing her. In the mean time, everything ends up being Dua’s imagination.

Elsewhere, Haider brings out Dua out of her fantasy and tells that everything the amazement is finished by Ruhaan. He broadcasts that he care very little about this things and gives her the gift and request to place it in her jewelry herself. She gets sad eyes as he shows no sentiments towards her. She keeps silent and acknowledges his gift while he goes to sleep.

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