Rabb Se Hai Dua 14th December 2022 Written Update Today Episode

Rabb Se Hai Dua Written Update 14th December 2022

Episode begins with Hina allowing to Dua and request that she save Ruhaan and Gazal. The last option hurries to Gazal’s home and continues pondering Haider’s admonition. She reviews how he requested her not to help Gazal and furthermore requested that she avoid the last option. She then gets blazes of Hina’s words that Gazal’s dad was the person who saved Haider’s life. She gets into difficulty and attempts to placate herself that she is doing well. She expresses that she is stuck yet guarantees herself that she need to return Rehmani’s approval by aiding his girl. She goes to God to help her and afterward chooses to ask Haider’s permission.

Written Update Rabb Se Hai Dua Today Episode

Here, Dua settles on a decision to Haider yet he was occupied in his work and overlooks the call. He attacks the staffs and request that they accomplish the work appropriately. He becomes baffled while Ravi attempts to quiet him down. He additionally recommend Haider to accept Dua’s assistance as she comprehends the business better then different staffs. Haider denies and declares that she is clueless about how to deal with a business.Haider states that Dua can’t have the option to deal with their work. While, Hina continues to ponder Dua and Ruhaan. Around then Dadi comes to her and inquiries regarding her choice. Hina shows her trust upon Dua and declares that the last option looks delicate however is adequately bold to deal with the circumstance. She request that Dadi keep confidence in Dua.

Rabb Se Hai Dua

Elsewhere, Dadi helps Hina about the past to remember Haider and announces that imagine a scenario in which his reality emerges. Hina gets stressed and says that they ought to have told every bit of relevant information to Dua, yet Dadi denies and says that they can’t allow this to occur. They goes from that point, while Gulnaaz gets stunned hearing their discussion and decides to find about the secret.

Rabb Se Hai Dua Latest Spoiler Alerts 14th December 2022

Iqbal gets Ruhaan and announces to get his payback while Gazal request that he leave Ruhaan. She taunts her neighbors for being quiet and says that she doesn’t anticipate that they should help her. Though, Iqbal gets angry at Gazal and cautions her. He was going to go towards her when Dua comes there and gives an admonition to Iqbal. Ruhaan and Gazal geta stressed for Dua and request that she leave from there.

Ahead, Dua says that she is there to help Gazal and Ruhaan. She announces that she will not do without them. She scowls at Iqbal while he reminds her about the torment he have given to her. She gives him a befitting answer and calls the police. Iqbal gets frightened seeing the police and runs off alongside his thugs. Gazal shows her appreciation to Dua and tells about her desire. She additionally lands late for her position interview and offers her concern of water with Dua.

Dua converses with Gazal’s neighbors and commits them understand their error. In the mean time, she orchestrates water tank for Gazal yet it couldn’t go inside her home. Gazal chooses to clean up external the house yet Dua stops her. In the mean time, Gulnaaz goes up against Hina and insults her. The last option gives a befitting answer, while Gulnaaz begins making trouble with her. Qayanath stands firm for her mother.

Further, Gulnaaz turns Qayanath’s hand while Hina gets incensed at her and slaps the last option. She takes care of her little girl and gives an admonition to Gulnaaz. Though, Dua calls Haider and wonders whether or not to ask his consent in that frame of mind to their home. He request that she talk and announces that he is truly occupied. She enlightens him regarding the issue and request his authorization while he couldn’t ready to hear her and request that she do anything she desires. She gets cheerful and shows her appreciation towards him.

The episode ends.

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