Rabb Se Hai Dua 16th December 2022 Written Update Today Episode

Rabb Se Hai Dua Written Update 16th December 2022

Episode begins with Gazal cleaning up inside Dua and Haider’s washroom, though the last option likewise gets back home to astound Dua. He gets inside the washroom, while Dua and other relatives tracks down about his appearance and gets stressed. She races to her room to stop the conflict of Haider and Gazal. In the mean time, Gazal puts headphone and couldn’t ready to hear Haider’s voice. He sees her from back and mixed up her to be Dua, as she was wearing the last option’s dress. He back embraces her yet quickly the two gets stunned seeing each other’s face on the mirror. He immediately leaves her and gets dumbstruck.

Written Update Rabb Se Hai Dua Today Episode

Here, Dua contacts her room yet couldn’t ready to track down Haider or Gazal. She ends up being concerned while the other relatives additionally follows her. While, Gazal censures Haider and charges her for attempting to exploit her. She brings up at his personality and aim while he attacks her for saying it. He legitimizes himself and prevents Gazal from shouting.Gazal decides to whine about Haider to Dua and states that she will uncover his actual face to Dua. She announces that she won’t leave him for getting into mischief with her while he gets stunned by her allegations and reminds that he haven’t done anything to her. He answers that the light was off and she was wearing Dua’s dress. He broadcasts that he got confounded, to which she insults him that on the off chance that he doesn’t have the foggiest idea how his better half looks like.

Rabb Se Hai Dua

Elsewhere, Gazal was going to yell Dua’s name when Haider puts his hand on her mouth. He prevents her from shouting and attempts to cause her to comprehend that it will make terrible picture of him. He continues saying that he haven’t done anything and apologizes to her for everything. Though, Dua shows her anxiety towards Haider while Dadi says that the two of them probably got disappeared.

Rabb Se Hai Dua Latest Spoiler Alerts 16th December 2022

Dua prevents Dadi from telling wisecracks and says that she is really strained. Around then Gazal pushes Haider out of the restroom and afterward she, at the end of the day, additionally emerges. Everybody gets stunned seeing them together, while Haider lies that Gazal was shouting as the light went off, so he helped her and ask not to stress. He prevents Gazal from coming clean and afterward request that Dua show up with him.

Ahead, Haider takes Dua outside and admonishes her for carrying Gazal to their home. She reminds him about taking his consent, while he continues to contemplate the episode with Gazal and begins stammering. She gets stressed for himself and inquire as to whether he is fine? He guarantees that all is well and request that she toss Gazal out of the house when possible.

Dua demands Haider to eat in the house. She some way or another persuades him while he request that she serve quick as he was ravenous. Around then Gazal likewise comes there and sit alongside him. She prods him while he gets terrified and was going to leave yet Dua stops him and causes him to eat affectionately. Gazal grins seeing Dua’s adoration for Haider and declares him to be fortunate. Though, Gulnaaz decides to get her payback from Hina and chooses to find something which can assist her with satisfying her arrangement. She additionally uncovers that she wedded Raahat just for money.

Further, Dadi and Hina reviews the past and the last option goes towards Gazal. She shows her consideration towards the last option while Gazal says that she gives her sensation of a mother. The two of them gets profound while Dua becomes worried for them. In the interim, Dua takes care of Gazal and afterward request that Ruhaan drop her. Gazal gives a letter to Dua and deliberately prods Haider expressing that she have composed everything in the letter against Haider to Dua. He gets stressed and hurries to mind Dua and becomes stunned after seeing her perusing the letter. While, Gulnaaz grins hearing Gazal and Haider’s discussion and chooses to exploit the matter.

The episode ends.

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