Rabb Se Hai Dua 17th December 2022 Written Update Today Episode

Rabb Se Hai Dua Written Update 17th December 2022

Episode begins with Haider defying Gazal and request that she avoid his family, particularly Dua. Though, she gives a befitting answer to him and disappears. Ruhaan prepares to drop Gazal for her meeting, while she ponders something and returns to Haider. She cautions him about the letter she has given to Dua and broadcasts that she has composed all that he has done to her in the washroom. She leaves from that point, while Haider gets stressed and hurries to Dua’s room. He sees the letter in her grasp and becomes strained, believing that what Gazal should have written.

Written Update Rabb Se Hai Dua Today Episode

Here, He prevents Dua from understanding it and request that she discard the letter. He goes close to her and states that Gazal is attempting to make in the middle among them and ask her not to trust her words. Dua answers that the she confides in Gazal and trusts her. She says that she can’t completely accept that Haider has accomplished something so off-base. He gets stressed and takes a gander at her while she begins laughing.Dua prods Haider and ask that for what reason would he say he is so serious? She questions that what occurred in the restroom that made him so strained? He remains quiet and ask what Gazal jas composed on the letter. She gives him the letter to peruse and declares that Gazal probably done some trick on him. He takes the letter and starts understanding it, where Gazal have said thanks to Dua for aiding her and sending Ruhaan to safeguard her from Iqbal.

Rabb Se Hai Dua

Elsewhere, Gazal have additionally referenced about how Dua put her life in danger and faces Iqbal. Gazal likewise states about Dua conversing with her neighbors and committing them figure out their error. She additionally exhortation Dua to avoid her as Haider could do without their kinship. Dua tells Haider that Gazal is a decent young lady and she never needs terrible for them.

Rabb Se Hai Dua Latest Spoiler Alerts 17th December 2022

Haider inquiries concerning the Iqbal matter from Dua while she inform him about reality. She shows her missed approaches his telephone, while he shows his anxiety towards her and says that he couldn’t ready to pardon himself of anything has happened to her. He takes her towards the sofa and causes her to stay there. He attempts to cause her to comprehend about his worry.

Ahead, Haider communicates his adoration towards Dua and says that she is truly valuable to him. He tells that she has endangered her as well as Ruhaan’s life for Gazal. He questions that why she thinks often such a huge amount about Gazal? To which the last option reviews about Hina’s words that the way that Gazal’s dad had saved Haider, yet denied her from coming clean to Haider.

Dua guarantees Haider that nothing will happen to them. She broadcasts that she is simply attempting to help Gazal as she is distant from everyone else. She then goes to cook desserts for Haider to persuade him. Though, Gulnaaz gets enraged seeing no in the middle among Dua and Haider. Though, Haider attempts to call Ruhaan yet he was driving and couldn’t ready to get it. He drops Gazal to the meeting community and offers her adieu.

Further, Dua prods Haider with desserts while he couldn’t ready to stop himself and takes every one of the desserts. He sits and eats it and afterward makes Dua likewise taste it. They gets heartfelt, while Gulnaaz comes there and charges Haider and Dua for putting her child’s life in extreme danger for Gazal. She attacks Haider, while the last option chides Dua that due to her he need to bear the insults. He expresses that Dua is to blame and afterward calls Ruhaan requesting that he return when possible.

The episode ends.

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