Rabb Se Hai Dua 19th December 2022 Written Update Today Episode

Rabb Se Hai Dua Written Update 19th December 2022

Episode begins with Haider getting angry at Dua for jeopardizing her life in view of Gazal. He looses his attitude and surges out of the house, while Dua attempts to stop him. She faces him about his turn, to which he answers that he will show a thing or two to Gazal. Dua demands Haider to avoid anything to the last option as she is blameless. She declares that she won’t allow Haider to commit any mix-up, to which he says that Gazal is answerable for every one of the issues in their day to day existence. He reminds Dua that how she got grabbed by a hooligan as a result of Gazal and the last option likewise caused such countless difficulties to them.

Written Update Rabb Se Hai Dua Today Episode

Here, Haider remains firm on his choice while Dua says that he will do an enormous mix-up. He questions that why she upholds Gazal to such an extent? He inquire as to whether she is connected with Gazal and questions that on the off chance that Dua is concealing something from him? To which she reviews the flashback where Hina came clean with her about the blessing of Gazal’s dad. She additionally reviews that the last option requested to conceal reality from Haider.Dua takes a gander at Haider being quiet while he broadcasts that she will not have the option to stop him. He disappears from that point being enraged, while Dua gets strained. Around then Hina likewise comes there and get some information about the matter. Dua informs her concerning the issue and shows her concern. Hina likewise gets strained and says that they can’t let Haider so something wrong. She allows Dua to stop him.

Rabb Se Hai Dua

Elsewhere, Hina petitions God for Dua and sends her behind Haider. She begins agonizing over the past emerging and request that the God safeguard her children. Though, Haider disappears in his vehicle while Dua request that the gatekeeper call the autoricshaw. She follows Haider while Gulnaaz sees the show and appreciates it. She then plays badminton with Noories and smirks.

Rabb Se Hai Dua Latest Spoiler Alerts 19th December 2022

Dua calls Ruhaan and get some information about the location of Gazal’s office. He gets confounded and get some information about the matter. He tells that even Haider accepted Gazal’s number as well as the location from him. He chooses to go with Dua yet she stops him and request to return to the house. In the mean time, Haider calls Gazal and attacks her. She gives him a befitting answer while he gets more enraged and goes to her office where she was giving the interview.

Ahead, Dua likewise calls Gazal and get some information about her whereabouts. She tells that she is going for the meeting and request that the last option petition God for her. Gazal closes the call as she gets called inside, though Dua petitions God for all that to gets settled. Gazal converses with the questioner while he reviews how Iqbal undermined him and requested to take Gazal’s particular in the property papers, so he can get the house.

The questioner misleads Gazal about getting chosen and request to sign the arrangement letter. She gets happy for landing the position and signs it, while Iqbal sees them and grins expressing that his arrangement gets fruitful. Around then Haider comes there and goes inside the meeting room. He taunts Gazal and ask the questioner not to choose her. He additionally tears the papers while she gets shocked.

Further, Haider goes out while Gazal follows her. She censures him for his activities and condemnations him that he will free his most valuable thing. Dua additionally comes there and gets stressed hearing their contention. The auto driver ask her for cash while she turns around and when she again turns towards Haider and Gazal, she thought that they are absent. She gets strained for themselves and attempts to track down them. She hears Iqbal’s discussion where he faulted Haider for ruining his arrangement and decides to kill him. Dua gets dumbstruck and declares to safeguard her husband.

The episode ends.

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