Rajjo 12th December 2022 Written Update Today Episode

Rajjo Written Update 12th December 2022

The episode begins with Rajjo offering lemon juice to Chirag so he feels significantly improved. Chirag comprehends that Rajjo is likewise in torment. She imparts the lemon juice to her. Rajjo sympathizes with her distress with Chirag. Rajjo says that Arjun really focuses on her while he will wed Urvashi. Chirag says that Arjun loves Rajjo. He rectifies this and says that Arjun likes Rajjo. Rajjo requests that Chirag center around his life and save his relationship. She reproves Chirag and requests that he quit polishing off liquor as it has destroyed his life. Chirag says that Kalindi likewise consistently said this, however she never halted him so she could proceed with her issue. Rajjo encourages Chirag to improve his and Kalindi’s relationship. She says Kalindi began to really try as Rough isn’t found in the house. She requests that Chirag attempt too.

Written Update Rajjo Today Episode

Rajjo takes care of sugar to Chirag and requests that he have a new beginning of his life. Chirag makes a crown with aluminum paper and puts it on Rajjo’s head. She calls Rajjo a princess and says that she can save Arjun and herself and their story. Rajjo denies having any story with Arjun. Chirag requests that Rajjo really try to change destiny and make the wrecked areas of strength for relationship. He asks her not to surrender without battling and requests that he guarantee him. Rajjo obliges.Urvashi is on stand by with the moneylender. She is stunned to discover that he is a medication dealer. The moneylender needs to conceal his medications in Thakurs’ home and requests that Urvashi go about his responsibilities the day after tomorrow. Urvashi says that it is on her big day and won’t take care of his responsibilities. He compromises that he won’t allow her wedding to occur in the event that she doesn’t go about her responsibilities. He detaches the call. Naman embraces Urvashi and asks with whom she’s talking. Urvashi requests that he stay away. Naman attempts to persuade Urvashi to wed him rather than Arjun. Urvashi immovably refuses.


Rajjo is strolling in the hall reviewing Chirag’s words and grins. In any case, she says that Arjun can’t care deeply about her, else he won’t be prepared to wed Urvashi. She hears Urvashi and Naman battling and goes to check. She hears their discussion and comprehends that Naman cares deeply about Urvashi. She won’t allow Urvashi to trick Arjun any longer. She considers utilizing Naman to uncover Urvashi’s reality before everyone.

Rajjo Latest Spoiler Alerts 12th December 2022

Arjun and Urvashi are rehearsing their dance ventures while Arjun’s cousins are watching them. Rajjo goes along with them. Urvashi says that she doesn’t believe Rajjo should move at her wedding. Rajjo requests that Urvashi tell this to Arjun, who had prevented her from going out to see her naagin dance. Arjun’s companion needs to be Rajjo’s dance accomplice. In any case, Rajjo says that she needs to be Naman’s dance accomplice and requests that he show her western dance, as she doesn’t have the foggiest idea. Naman concurs to make Urvashi jealous.

Rajjo holds Naman’s hand and begins to move, while Arjun ignites with desire at seeing this and reviews her words. Arjun imagines that he can’t really accept that Rajjo can stoop so low to trap his cousin. Rajjo believes that she’s doing this for him. Naman tells Rajjo, let do the genuine dance and places his hand around her hip. Arjun vapor in a fury seeing this. Rajjo gets some information about his face being dull and appears to be content about his cousin’s wedding. She says that he consented to hit the dance floor with her to make Urvashi desirous. Naman says that Rajjo is hitting the dance floor with him to make Arjun jealous.

The episode ends.

Precap: Arjun and Urvashi share a second. Rajjo assists Urvashi with preparing. Urvashi’s telephone rings. Rajjo questions that Urvashi is following through with something and thinks about how to find it out.

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