Rajjo 13th December 2022 Written Update Today Episode

Rajjo Written Update 13th December 2022

The episode begins with Rajjo telling Naman that it’s apparent right in front of him that he consented to hit the dance floor with her as he needs to make Urvashi desirous. Naman says that even in front of her it’s apparent that she needs to hit the dance floor with him to make Arjun desirous. Rajjo says that she doesn’t feel that Arjun thinks often about it. Naman tells Rajjo that he needs to educate her concerning something and requests that she accompany him. He leaves. Rajjo is terrified to follow him, yet she follows him expecting to cause him to talk about Urvashi’s reality. Arjun sees this and becomes stressed over Rajjo. He concocts a rationalization about going to the washroom and leaves.

Written Update Rajjo Today Episode

Arjun sees an inebriated Chirag searching for liquor bottles like a frantic when he passes his room. Arjun goes to Chirag and attempts to quiet Chirag down. He asks Chirag what occurred, once more, why he drank. Chirag asks Arjun for what reason he ought to tell her. He insults Arjun and says that he has Rajjo to deal with him. He informs her concerning Rajjo dealing with him, leaving her wiped out mother. Arjun is stunned to hear this. Arjun asks Chirag to say for what good reason he began to drink once more. Chirag says that he needs liquor. He says that Arjun is fouling up with Rajjo by wedding Urvashi. Chirag leaves from that point in spite of Arjun attempting to stop him. Arjun thinks about what has been going on with Chirag. He comprehends that main Rajjo knows this.Naman goes to his room, trailed by Rajjo. Naman begins to drink liquor. Rajjo is shocked and asks how he got liquor packaged inside the house, as it’s not permitted. Naman says that he got inside stowing away with the assistance of Chirag. He asks Rajjo not to enlighten anybody. Rajjo asks everything he needs to say to her. Naman says that Rajjo is correct about Urvashi. She can’t be relied upon. She couldn’t care less about Rajjo. He says that she’s getting caught in her snare. Rajjo attempts to make Naman spill about Urvashi’s arrangement. Rajjo gets terrified when an inebriated Naman approaches her.


Rajjo attempts to leave, however Naman stops her by snatching her shoulder. He inquires as to whether she’s keeping an eye on him. He attempts to get rowdy with her. All at once, Arjun shows up there. Rajjo feels grateful that Arjun saved her once more. Arjun reprimands Rajjo for being in the shut room with Naman, who is intoxicated. He sends Rajjo to prepare Urvashi to get her. Arjun cautions Naman to avoid Rajjo and states that she will leave after his wedding.

Rajjo Latest Spoiler Alerts 13th December 2022

Manorama sees that a camera is fixed in her room and comprehends that it was fixed by Pushkar to screen her. She considers conversing with Rajjo and preventing Arjun from wedding Urvashi at any expense. She glances through the window and finds a couple of men remaining close to the house and ponders who they’re. They are the moneylender and his men. They have the medication bundle. The moneylender telephones Urvashi and asks why she isn’t noting the call. In the mean time, Rajjo is assisting Urvashi with preparing. Urvashi doesn’t answer the call due to Rajjo’s presence. Rajjo sees this and becomes dubious. She won’t go in spite of Urvashi requesting that she leave. Yet, Rajjo needs to leave when Madhu gets down on her. Rajjo is sure that Urvashi will accomplish something wrong and thinks about how to figure out what her arrangement is.

The moneylender and his men choose to take the medication to Thakur’s latrine as Urvashi hasn’t addressed the call. Manorama is stunned to hear this and considers how to alarm Rajjo about it. Pushkar is watching Manorama through the CCTV camera and celebrates to see her anxious. Rajjo and Arjun are coming the other way of the passageway. They didn’t see one another. They impact. Arjun and Rajjo fall on the floor with Rajjo on top of Arjun. Rajjo feels that she would rather not lose him. Arjun believes that even the notice of Rajjo’s nonattendance in his life panics him. Rajjo feels that she knows that it’s inescapable, yet she’s not prepared. Arjun says that his psyche is as yet stuck on their most memorable gathering and asks why he can’t fail to remember Rajjo.

Pushkar gets going preparing. In the interim, Manorama escapes the room, finding the entryway open. Pushkar is stunned to see Manorama isn’t in her room. Rajjo and Arjun understand their situation and stand up. Arjun reprimands Rajjo for ruining his wedding garments. Rajjo says that Arjun should be blissful as he will get hitched. Arjun says that Rajjo ought to likewise be cheerful as she will get independence from him. They are going to leave, however the strings in their wrists get tangled and they’re not able to move.

The episode ends.

Precap: Rajjo admits her adoration to Arjun. Rajjo records the video of Urvashi admitting her wrongdoings to the moneylender. Rajjo shares with Urvashi that she will open her reality to everybody. The moneylender hits Rajjo’s head with an iron bar. Rajjo swoons saying Arjun’s name.

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