Rajjo 14th December 2022 Written Update Today Episode

Rajjo Written Update 14th December 2022

The episode begins with Manorama telling Rajjo that she grasps her affections for Arjun and requesting that she play savvy as Urvashi and uncover her after the police appearance. She adds that she called the police. Manorama takes Rajjo inside. She asks Rajjo not to blow her top at seeing Arjun in husband to be’s clothing. She further shares with Rajjo that it will not be simple, yet she needs to do it for Arjun. Rajjo agrees.

Written Update Rajjo Today Episode

Chirag finds Sia seeing him stowing away and looks frightened. He gets some information about it. Sia says that she saw him oblivious last evening and asks him not to pass on, leaving her. Chirag embraces Sia. Chirag guarantees Sia to never leave her as he cherishes her to such an extent. Sia kisses Chirag’s cheek. Kalindi becomes profound at seeing Chirag and Sia’s holding. Sia tells Chirag that in the room she left for Rajjo, her garments for the wedding alongside a letter requesting that she become her auntie as henceforth she will not have the option to call her aunt.Sia and Chirag go to track down Rajjo. Manorama shares with Rajjo not to tell anything to Chirag. Rajjo concurs. Chirag and Sia go to Rajjo and Manorama. Sia takes Rajjo with her by saying that she needs to ask something from her. Manorama requests that Chirag let anybody know that he saw Rajjo with her. Chirag concurs. Then again, Manorama trusts that the wedding happens with no interference and Rajjo brings no hardship. Arjun hears this. He searches for Rajjo. He envisions Rajjo moving around him grinning. Chirag sees Arjun’s eyes searching for Rajjo. He prompts Arjun not to allow his genuine romance to escape out of his life. All at once, Urvashi shows up. Chirag exhorts Arjun again that there’s simply no time left and in the event that he can’t alter his perspective now, then, at that point, he can never do it.


Urvashi is stunned to see Rajjo. Rajjo claims to fix Urvashi’s duppata and adornments and ridicules her. Urvashi without hesitation says that nobody here will trust Rajjo assuming she comes clean as she is their prospective girl in-regulation. Rajjo shares with Urvashi that she never lost any race in her life and here it’s about Arjun’s life, so her triumph is a higher priority than her life. Thakurs can’t help thinking about the thing Rajjo is conversing with Urvashi. Madhu admonishes Rajjo to create some distance from Urvashi assuming she has wrapped up fixing her hoops and requests that she stroll behind Urvashi holding her duppata.Rajjo obliges. Urvashi gets on the wedding mandap. Madhu prevents Rajjo from getting on the wedding mandap. Rajjo strolls in reverse taking a gander at Arjun, who is likewise checking her out. Manorama watches this from the overhang and thinks that Rajjo needs to bear this aggravation for some more time.

Rajjo Latest Spoiler Alerts 14th December 2022

Thakurs request that Sia tie the gathbandhan of Urvashi and Arjun as Pankhudi is absent. In any case, Sia denies. Arjun requests that Sia tie the gathbandhan. Sia checks Rajjo out. The last option signs her to go. Sia goes to God to stop the wedding and is going to tie the gathbandhan. All at once, the police show up there and intrude on the wedding. Madhu asks the police for what reason they halted her child’s wedding. The assessor says that they got data that medications were concealed in their home, stunning everybody. Urvashi becomes restless to hear this.

The episode ends.

Precap: Madhu shares with the monitor that he has a misconception. Rajjo says that she called the police and she has verification against Urvashi. Arjun says that her verification could be phony like last time. Rajjo requests that Arjun allow her an opportunity. Arjun consents to allow her one moment. Rajjo sets the projector and plays it. Everybody looks stunned to see the video.

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