Rajjo 15th December 2022 Written Update Today Episode

Rajjo Written Update 15th December 2022

The episode begins with the controller saying that they need to look through the entire house to track down the medications, as somebody from this house called them. Thakurs tell the reviewer that it is a misconception, somebody tricked him. Rajjo intercedes and says that she has called the police, stunning the Thakurs. Rajjo shares with Arjun that it’s not any show, but rather reality and she has proof for that. Madhu blames Rajjo for slandering Urvashi. Thakurs say that Rajjo attempts once more to cancel Arjun and Urvashi’s wedding. They admonish Rajjo. Chirag requests that they pay attention to Rajjo once.

Written Update Rajjo Today Episode

Madhu admonishes Chirag for as yet supporting Rajjo. Arjun asks Rajjo what this is. He requests a response from Rajjo. He inquires as to whether she’s doing what she did last time. Rajjo says OK. She says that she is remaining solitary with a telephone like last time and there’s video proof against Urvashi on that telephone. Arjun says that she can delude like last time as well. Rajjo requests that Arjun allow her an opportunity. Thakurs won’t trust Rajjo and request that she leave. Be that as it may, Chirag requests that they see the video as the police have shown up. The overseer likewise concurs and requests to see the proof.Rajjo demands Arjun to allow a solitary opportunity. Arjun concurs and allows her one moment to show her video proof. He begins the commencement of 60. Rajjo sets the projector screen with the assistance of Chirag. Rajjo looks for the video on the telephone, yet can’t track down it. Arjun completes the commencement of 60 and says that the time is up. Madhu tells the monitor that Rajjo has no proof on her telephone aside from her and Arjun’s photographs. Madhu and Bubli reprimand Rajjo. Urvashi grins, feeling that she erased the video from the telephone. The medical caretaker sees Manorama remaining on the gallery and effectively hauls her to the room.


Arjun shares with Rajjo that she did likewise once more. Rajjo attempts to make sense of for Arjun. Rajjo erroneously projects her and Arjun’s wedding photograph on the screen. Arjun wedded Rajjo on seeing the photograph. Enraged Arjun takes a light and tosses it at the screen. The screen bursts into flames. Rajjo attempts to clarify for Arjun once more, yet he won’t pay attention to her. He says that he is drained and beseeches her to save him as he is getting married.

Rajjo Latest Spoiler Alerts 15th December 2022

Pushkar requests that the examiner capture Rajjo and rebuff her. Rajjo says that Manorama remembers all that and says that she saved her when Urvashi and her thugs secured her in the latrine. She says that Urvashi has the medications and Urvashi’s thugs beat her head from behind. She requests that they really take a look at her physical issue. Arjun says that it’s obvious from her discussions that she had a head injury.

The nurture attaches Manorama to the seat. The last option appeals to God to help Rajjo. The monitor says that they need to look through the entire house as medication pirating is high in the city. Arjun and Madhu concur. Madhu requests that the minister proceed with Arjun and Rajjo’s wedding customs. Arjun and Urvashi sit on the wedding mandap while the police are looking for the medications. Madhu does Urvashi and Arjun’s gathbandhan. Rajjo trusts that the police will track down the medications. Manorama attempts to alarm the police. However, the medical caretaker shuts her mouth with her hand and says that she is intellectually ill.

Rajjo inquires as to whether he has tracked down drugs. He says that they found nothing which shocks Rajjo. Urvashi grins believing that she has the medication with her, however Rajjo can never find where she concealed it. The police apologize to the Thakurs for their interference and are going to leave. However, Arjun requests that the police stay and witness his wedding. Arjun considers consuming in the blessed fire everything connected with Rajjo, including her recollections and his affections for her. Rajjo contemplates what to do now. Arjun and Urvashi begin to take the seven marital promises. Rajjo watches this with weepy eyes. She cannot see it and pivots. She plunks down crying.

The episode ends.

Precap: Rajjo tears Urvashi’s duppata and shows the medications concealed inside it. Urvashi blames Rajjo for outlining her.

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