Rajjo 16th December 2022 Written Update Today Episode

Rajjo Written Update 16th December 2022

The episode begins with Rajjo petitioning God and requesting that he show her a method for uncovering Urvashi. Then again, Manorama additionally appeals to God to help Rajjo. Here, Rajjo cries taking a gander at Urvashi and Arjun taking pheras. Abruptly, Rajjo recalls that Urvashi’s duppata was weighty as it contained something. Rajjo expresses gratitude toward God. She runs towards the mandap. She pulls Urvashi’s duppata and removes from drug bundles out of the duppata, stunning everybody. Rajjo tells Urvashi that she broke her wedding again alongside her aim this time. She shows the medications to the police. The monitor says that it implies Rajjo was correct. Rajjo derides Urvashi, saying that she will get a farewell to the police headquarters. Urvashi shares with Rajjo, shut up.

Written Update Rajjo Today Episode

Rajjo closes her down. Urvashi returns to the floor. Rajjo says that she attempted commonly to demonstrate Urvashi’s untruth and trickiness. She makes reference to every one of the bad behaviors done by Urvashi and outlining her. Urvashi denies the charges. Rajjo asks Urvashi not to try to fault her this time as well. She asks how Urvashi didn’t see that the duppata is heavier than her body weight. She further says that she doesn’t have to put a great deal of medication bundles inside her duppata to approach her. Rajjo says that Urvashi is the gold digger, not her, and she demonstrated it today. The examiner says that this is an excellent medication and irregular individuals can’t get it. He says that a few crooks are behind it. Rajjo says that it was finished by Urvashi’s uncles.Urvashi attempts to control the Thakurs that Rajjo is outlining her. Rajjo requests that Naman tell Urvashi’s reality. She inquires as to whether Urvashi is after cash. Naman affirms that Urvashi has forever been after cash and her folks have a ton of obligations. He paid their advance for the good of their fellowship when he got back to India. Rajjo expresses gratitude toward Naman. She says that she knows it, so she conversed with him to figure out reality. Urvashi and her folks deny what Naman said. Urvashi’s folks guarantee that they have no credits as they are rich. Urvashi faults Rajjo for pirating drugs. Chirag recuperates the erased video of Urvashi and tosses the telephone to Rajjo. Rajjo helps Arjun to remember her words that she would kick the bucket, yet she wouldn’t allow his life to get destroyed. She requests that Arjun see reality through his eyes. She gives him the phone.


Arjun sees Urvashi’s video and shows it to his family, stunning everybody. Arjun closes Urvashi down when she attempts to talk. He says that Urvashi deceived him, not Rajjo. He says that he neglected to perceive her, however not today as he has proof against her. He says that Urvashi tricked him and his loved ones. He says that she’s eager and is a, not Rajjo. Manorama hears this and comprehends that Urvashi got uncovered and expresses gratitude toward God.

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Arjun attacks Urvashi for utilizing him and playing with his feelings. He laments not accepting Rajjo, who needed his integrity. Madhu censures Urvashi for breaking their trust. Urvashi attempts to contact Arjun. The last option cautions her not to contact him ever, as he gets sickening inclination for her. There, Manorama liberates herself. Here, Arjun tells Urvashi that he confided in her and questioned and embarrassed Rajjo, which he can never correct. He requests that Urvashi fail to remember that he was her companion once. He expresses that there might be a disdain connection between them in the future. He requests that the controller capture Urvashi.

Urvashi tells Arjun that she was constrained to do this and anybody in her place would have made it happen. Arjun says that Rajjo could never have made it happen. He says that Rajjo remained close by and saved him and his family in spite of being in a difficult situation. He requests that the controller take Urvashi from that point. The police take Urvashi. There, Manorama appeals to fix Arjun and Urvashi’s marriage too.

The episode ends.

Precap: Rajjo returns the matrimonial chain to Arjun and prepares to leave, taking her mother. Madhu prevents Rajjo from leaving. Madhu says that Rajjo saved Arjun, so she should be called Arjun’s significant other and her girl in-regulation. Pushkar watches this angrily.

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