Rajjo 17th December 2022 Written Update Today Episode

Rajjo Written Update 17th December 2022

The episode begins with Chirag trusting that all will be great among Rajjo and Arjun. Pushkar feels that Rajjo is legitimized now, so everybody will have confidence in anything Rajjo and her mother say. He won’t get uncovered and considers following through with something. He leaves. Arjun proceeds to remain before Rajjo to talk, yet Rajjo leaves.

Written Update Rajjo Today Episode

Rajjo goes to her room. She says that it’s the ideal opportunity for her to leave. She wipes her tears and begins to pack her back. Then again, Arjun mistreated Rajo and breaks things to let out his disappointment. Judaai tune plays in the BG. Here, Rajjo cries contacting the vermilion on her temple. There, Arjun tracks down an anklet of Rajjo on the floor and gets it. Here Rajjo places her face in a bowl brimming with water to wash off her vermilion. She cries checking out at her matrimonial chain in her grasp. There, Arjun is miserable reviewing his minutes with Rajjo. He asks what will happen now. Here, Rajjo takes a gander at the matrimonial chain in her grasp and says that what Arjun needed will happen now. Sia says thanks to God for making Rajjo her auntie, not Urvashi once more. Chirag sees this and considers how to let Sia know that nobody knows regardless of whether Rajjo will in any case be her auntie. Madhu is crying, pondering what has been going on with Arjun. Chirag tells Arjun that this is his last opportunity and encourages him to simply do what his heart says. Kalindi goes to Madhu. She shares with Madhu to see the positive side of the circumstance that they took in Urvashi’s reality before the wedding.


Manorama secured herself in a room. Pushkar is remaining before the room and requests that she open it. Manorama expresses that after Urvashi’s turn, it’s his chance to get uncovered. Rajjo says thanks to Arjun for all the blessing he has accomplished for her up to this point. Arjun asks Rajjo for what valid reason she says thanks to him as opposed to whining in the wake of getting through everything. Rajjo says that her mother trained her to offer thanks prior to disappearing from somebody as they may not meet once more. Rajjo says that Arjun had accomplished such a great deal for herself as well as her mother and adds even her own kin could not have possibly done this much for them. She says that she thought about him as her shut one, so she needed to help him no less than once and God heard her request. She says that now God will hear his request and will liberate him from her. She says that nobody will inconvenience him in the future. She says that he will be free after she leaves and requests that he get hitched to his preferred young lady.

Rajjo Latest Spoiler Alerts 17th December 2022

Rajjo returns Arjun her marital chain and helps him to remember her words to eliminate her matrimonial chain and her vermilion subsequent to demonstrating every one of the claims put on her and her mother wrong. Madhu watches this from higher up. Rajjo shares with Arjun that she trusts that he and his family see now that she’s not covetous or misleading, however a legitimate individual like her mother and could never swindle any relationship. Rajjo chooses to take off from the house and to zero in on her race henceforth. She says that she will try sincerely and, if conceivable, she will run in the state level race like her mother and will do right by her vibe. She says that she will just contemplate her mother like previously and will attempt to give her a superior life. Pushkar, who attempts to break the entryway, hears this and is blissful. Sia asks Rajjo not to leave and helps Rajjo to remember her guarantee to never leave her. Chirag inquires as to whether she will leave her sibling and fail to remember him and Sia. Rajjo says that they can always remember Sia and Chirag, who generally upheld him when the entire family was against him. She says that she won’t the race in light of their help. She says that she is taking the shirt gifted by Sia with her and will wear it for her significant race and will win it.

Rajjo remains firm in her choice to take off from the house and asks Chirag not to stop her as she would rather not be smothered any longer. She requests that he favor her that she come out on top in all races of her life so nobody loudly misuse her, yet rather persuade her. Arjun feels terrible to hear this. Chirag wishes her the equivalent. Kalindi embraces Rajjo and expresses gratitude toward her for everything. Rajjo requests that Kalindi deal with Sia and Chirag. She says thanks to Kalindi for treating her well. Rajjo is going to leave, yet Madhu stops her.

The episode closes.

Precap: Madhu says that Arjun saved her significant other, so she should be called Arjun’s significant other and her girl in-regulation. Pushkar is stunned to hear this.

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