Sherdil Shergill 12th December 2022 Written Update Today Episode

Sherdil Shergill Written Update 12th December 2022

The episode begins with minister reciting mantras for marriage. Mr Yadav calls Murari and inquires as to whether he is blissful. Murari tells he is cheerful in light of the fact that as guaranteed Mr Yadav made him emerge from prison. Mr Yadav says him that his left eye has been squinting and he feels something terrible will occur. Murari says marriage occurring can be more awful. Mr Yadav says he doesn’t maintain that marriage should stop at any expense. Since whenever marriage is done he will torment Manmeet gradually each day.

Written Update Sherdil Shergill Today Episode

Priyanka comes and asks her significant other where the blossom containers are. He is occupied with eating and lets some know men took those. Priyanka reproves her better half about being imprudent and stresses over Anmol getting lost as he was in the container. Ajeet gets some information about Anmol, she says Anmol is with Gunjan. Ajeet sees Gunjan in front of an audience with Raj Kumar and calls her. Ajeet gets some information about Anmol she says he is with Raj’s twin sister Priyanka. They go out to track down Anmol. Pankhuri admonishes Priyanka for being imprudent. Priyanka sees one bushel and checks it however the man illuminates her that rest containers are now sent in tempo.Priyanka unexpectedly gets cheerful and says its great that Anmol is missing, she says a little later she will spread this data and everybody will get going in finding Anmol and marriage mahurat may be deferred so at last marriage will be canceled. Later then can request that rhythm driver bring Anmol back. Ajeet and Gunjan comes to Priyanka and gets some information about Anmol. She lies that she made him rest in pram which is kept inside in the lobby. Ajeet and Gunjan feel far better however Gunjan says they ought to check once. They get stunned to see Anmol missing.

Sherdil Shergill

Ajeet frenzies and tells Gunjan not to tell anybody. Puneet gets some information about Anmol , he lies that Anmol is dozing. Murari sees Ajeet and says that assuming anybody assist required they with canning say him. Ajeet is reluctant to tell anything to Murari. Cleric requests that Manmeet call her sibling for gath bandhan. She says she doesn’t have sibling. Puneet says she will follow through with something. Puneet explains to Ajeet for what reason is he outside and requests that he come for kanyadan custom. Ajeet advises her to make due. Gunjan comes there and says about Anmol being missing which leaves Puneet stunned.

Sherdil Shergill Latest Spoiler Alerts 12th December 2022

Mr Yadav requests that Murari proceed to do gathbandan. Manmeet feels irritated however Raj advises her to comprehend. Murari apologizes to Manmeet for the past and advises her to acknowledge her as sibling. Priyanka says presently it is the right time to impact the bomb. She says it’s a charming second and they ought to click an image. She says her nephew ought to be in the image as well. She goes to pram and lifts the cover, she yells that Anmol is missing. Manmeet gets stunned and asks what’s happening.

Manmeet leaves mandap and hurries to actually look at Anmol’s support. She yells for Ajeet and Manmeet to come. Manmeet begins overreacting and tracks down around in the house to track down Anmol. Everybody searches for Anmol yet neglect to track down him. Pankhuri questions Priyanka and tells her what at any point happens her or Murari’s name shouldn’t in the middle between. Priyanka tells her not to stress. Pankhuri expresses out loud whatever assuming they look at the cctv cameras since it has everything recorded from scorpion to Priyanka being the final remaining one to keep Anmol in bloom crate and Pankhuri was generally close by. Cleric requests that Nirali call lady and lucky man or, more than likely promising time will pass.

Nirali tells Mr Yadav the equivalent yet he reprimands her for her platitude how might she with the exception of Manmeet to wed when her child is absent. He thinks about what’s going on and feels furious. Bhairav Singh finds Murari and lets him know that he had requested that he watch out for all that how is this event in his home. Murari says he will track down Anmol. Mr Yadav likewise chides Priyanka’s better half and cautions him assuming he finds later that Priyanka was behind all that he will rebuff the two of them. Nirali advises him to quit chastening his own child parents in law as a result of Manmeet and her child.

Priyanka goes to Cctv room and harms every one of the accounts. She says now anything she desires she can recount as the story. Manmeet goes hysteric and says she needs Anmol back at any expense. Raj attempts to quiet her down. Mr Yadav and Murari additionally come to her. She faults Murari and says she had seen playing with Anmol yet Raj advises her to stop. Indeed, even Bhairav Singh guarantees her that Murari isn’t involved. They asks Gunjan’s mother by marriage and Gunjan who tells about Anmol last being with Priyanka.

Priyanka begins her acting and says Anmol was crying a ton and she made him rest. She would have rather not upset anybody as ceremonies were continuing so she made him stay in bed support. She rather chides Manmeet and contends with her. Puneet recommends to call police yet Mr yadav is hesitant. Raj says they can check cctv film yet is stunned when they see everything wrecked and demolished. He says it has been intentionally finished. Anmol is shown sitting in the bloom bushel in the storeroom. Raj’s nephew comes and tells about smoke smell coming from the room.

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