Sundari 12th December 2022 Written Update Today Episode

Sundari Written Update 12th December 2022

The episode begins with Sundari and Palani are battling with Arun. Palani falls on Anu. She takes the firearm and begin firing them. Sundari and Palani stows away. Sundari loosen Anu’s hand. Anu blacks out on Sundari’s lap. Arun shoots Palani from behind. He tumbles down holding his chest. Murugan tracks down Arun and battles with him. He cut his hand with sword. Hearing Sundari’s sound he surges close to her abandoning Arun. Arun escapes from that point. Murugan requests that Sundari take Anu from that point. Murugan holds the firearm and goes out look for Arun. Palani attempts to caution Murugan however he didn’t see him. The police compasses to the spot. They capture Murugan misjudges he made issues seeing him with gun.

Written Update Sundari Today Episode

Murugan requests that he capture Arun before he escapes from that point. The police never give notice to his words. In the mean time, Palani records his final words in his portable. He was sorry to her fod his demonstration and admitted reality in it. He attempts to stand up yet swoons down. Controller checks out the distribution center to track down the proof. The Constable find Palani in Oblivious state. He illuminates him that he was kicked the bucket. Controller requests that he affirm regardless of whether he is alive first. He affirms that he was kicked the bucket. Assessor requests him to begin the method. Illuminate media about it. Certainly Murugan would have killed him. Afterward, Scientific division comes there and checks Palani’s dead body.Meanwhile, Sundari removes Anu from the stockroom. She fears nothing happen to Anu. She questions for what reason didn’t Sidharth called her yet? Sundari calls Sidharth to realize what has been going on with Karthick? He illuminates her that he conceded him in the clinic. He asks Sundari about Anu? Sundari lets him know that Anu swooned in dread. He requests that she deal with Anu. She is pregnant. He guarantees her that nothing will happen to Kartick. He encourage her to concede Anu in the medical clinic. Sundari stops the auto and requests that the driver assist her with conveying Anu. Afterward, Murugan holding up outside. Murugan illuminates him that he didn’t grabbed anybody. Overseer illuminates him that he shot him. For that reason he was dead. Murugan illuminates him that he didn’t killed anybody. Examiner says that he isn’t a bonehead to accept him after see him holding firearm. Murugan gets stunned to see Palani’s dead body. Kumar cries seeing him dead. In the mean time, Sundari and Murugan are caught in same rush hour gridlock. Sundari gets stunned to see Murugan was captured. Sundari questions what happened to him?


She yells his name however vehicle continued on from that point. Sundari requests that the auto driver follow the jeep. Driver illuminates her that something will happen to this pregnant lady assuming she neglects to concede her at the emergency clinic on time. She requests that he drive quicker. In the mean time, Sidharth saw Sundari carry Anu to the emergency clinic. The Medical caretaker begins actually looking at Anu. Karthick saw Anu there and shocked.


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