Sundari 13th December 2022 Written Update Today Episode

Sundari Written Update 13th December 2022

The episode begins with Karthick asking Sundari what has been going on with Anu? Sundari illuminates him that she was oblivious. She encourages him to take her to the specialist. She will clarify everything for him. Karthick concedes Anu at the clinic. Kartick asks the specialist to say regarding Anu’s wellbeing. He tells her that Anu as of now has issues in her pregnancy. The specialist actually looks at her and illuminates him that mother and kid are protected. She swooned in dread. Afterward, Sidharth requests that Sundari quiet down. Sundari grumblings to him that Mani didn’t called her yet. She fears that Murugan killed somebody. In the event that he really do that way, his life is finished. Sidharth guarantees her that Mani will deal with everything. Sundari asks him will they give data to Mani. He enlightens her that he will gather all data regarding this case. Sundari imparts to him that Arun attempted to go after her in town. She wouldn’t have go to the test after realized Arun came here. Sidharth requests that she quit accusing herself. He encourages her to don’t fly off the handle in such situations.

Written Update Sundari Today Episode

Mani calls Sidharth. Sundari goes to the call and demands him to impart to her what was the deal? Mani shares with her that the police captured Murugan for homicide case. Sundari asks her who passed on? Mani illuminates her that he doesn’t have any idea who passed on? They takes Murugan to judge house. Sundari lets him know that he will not do that way. Assuming he truly do that way implies he did it for his wellbeing. Mani shares with her that police have areas of strength for some against him it appears. He encourage her to go justice house. He will illuminate the examiner about him. Afterward, Sundari leaves from that point to meet the justice. In the mean time, Assessor shares with constable this individual isn’t local one. He seems as though he is a vacationer. He requests Murugan to say who is that? How could he killed him? For what reason did he abducted him? Murugan lets him know that both are off-base. Murugan illuminates him that Palani who kicked the bucket. He was from Madurai. Murugan believes that Anu would have shot him mistakenly.Inspector requests Murugan to admit reality. In the event that he change his assertion before Justice, he won’t leave him. In the mean time, Lakshmi feels frustrated when Murugan neglects to go to the call. She fears just plain awful. Selvi and her significant other arrives at there. Lakshmi asks her for what reason she is here? Selvi grumblings that she came to meet her little girl. However, she is treating her unique. Lakshmi misleads her that she didn’t anticipated her. That is the reason she asked that way. Selvi tells her that she looks dull. Her dad asks Lakshmi does she battle with Murugan? She denies it. Selvi requests Lakshmi to say reality. Lakshmi requests that she quit thinking her pointless. Her dad requests that she call Murugan. Lakshmi deceives her that he went to sanctuary. Selvi asks her for what good reason she is wonder whether or also about it. Lakshmi deceives her that she was fasting for family’s wellbeing. It’s her most memorable time. That is the reason she feels dazed. Selvi encourages her to don’t face challenge. Selvi leaves to bring nourishment for Lakshmi.


Karthick sits adjacent to Anu. He questions why she isn’t waking up. He floats into rest close to her. Anu gets concious and calls him. Karthick alarm seeing her. He asks her about her wellbeing? She guarantees her that she is fine. Anu asks him for what valid reason did they seized her! They chose to kill her. Why Sundari came there? Whom saved her and concede her in this clinic? Kartick looks confused.


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