Sundari 14th December 2022 Written Update Today Episode

Sundari Written Update 14th December 2022

The episode begins with Anu imparting to Karthick that somebody grabbed her. She saw Sundari there. How could she arrive at there on time? Whom captured her? Karthick feels that she is posing numerous inquiries to him. However, he has no clue about this present circumstance. On the off chance that he mindful of reality he would have mistaken her for his own story. How he will handle what is going on ignorant about reality. Anu objections that he isn’t responding to her inquiries. Kartick requests that she take rest as opposed to inquisitive about it. She previously got away from risk. She wants rest now. Or, in all likelihood child will endure in light of her superfluous pressure. Anu grumblings that she saw Sundari there. Somebody abducted her. How she will remain silent? The attendant requests that she quiet down. They gave infusion to her to quiet her down. Karthick requests that she trust him.
He guarantees to address every one of her inquiries. He tells her gives up back to home.

Written Update Sundari Today Episode

Inspector carries Murugan to judge house. Justice questions the assessor about the crime percentage in her space? Overseer illuminates him that crime percentage decline after he assume responsibility. Justice asks him Is he dealing with individuals well or giving judgment in his own. Constable applauded Overseer before Justice. Justice asks the reviewer Did he got the genuine offender or outlined him as a guilty party once more? Examiner illuminates him that he discovered him In the act. He was holding the firearm when he got him. Justice ask Murugan about it? He finds out if police compromised him to acknowledge this or not? Murugan says that he killed him. Judge says that he can’t change his assertion later. Murugan gestures with him.Magistrate allows 4 days to the auditor to keep Murugan in his guardianship. In the mean time, Lakshmi calls Murugan yet his telephone was turned off. She calls Karthick however he evades her call. Lakshmi blows up on Karthick for not going to her call. She questions regardless of whether he is her own sibling. In the interim, Appatha organizing the rangoli colors. Valli asks Appatha for what good reason she is showing additional consideration on this enrichments? Appatha tells her it’s gatherer house. Valli shares with her that Sundari just composed test. Still she didn’t turn into a gatherer. Appatha tells her that she will get back in authority vehicle. Valii tells her that it’s a model test. She needs to finish Primary test to turn into a gatherer. Appatha deals with the circumstance there. Valli prods her. Appatha says that she will get back after breezed through in the test. She needs to get glad to see the adornments. Valli prods her and leaves. Afterward, Examiner takes Murugan from that point. Sidharth and Sundari arrives at there on time. Sundari stops Murugan and asks Murugan what was the deal? Examiner stops Sundari and admonishes her alarming him. He requests her to leave from that point. Sidharth meets Examiner in quiet. He illuminates him that he is Mani’s son.


Inspector welcomes him in satisfaction. He asks him for what good reason he is shut with such individual? Sidharth lets him know that Murugan is a decent individual. Overseer illuminates him that proof are against him. Indeed, even he acknowledged his wrongdoing. Sidharth requires 5 minutes authorization to chat with him. Sundari asks Murugan whom killed Arun? Murugan tells her that he got away from that point. Palani passed on. Sundari gets shock to hear it. Murugan illuminates her that Anu might be killed him. He requests that she conceal this matter from everybody. She finished her test now. She shouldn’t take risk this time. Indeed, even Anu is conveying child. She shouldn’t go inside prison in this time. He begs her to conceal this matter from everybody. Sundari tells him that Relatives will stress over him. Assessor takes Murugan from that point. Sidharth controls Sundari there.


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