Sundari 15th December 2022 Written Update Today Episode

Sundari Written Update 15th December 2022

The episode begins with Janaki visiting Sundari’s home. Janaki attempts to test Appatha’s sanity. Appatha compromises her to add poison in Janaki’s nourishment for prodding her. Janaki comprehends that she is messed with her. She asks her when will Sundari get back? Appatha tells her that she didn’t illuminate her about it. Valli bother her for what reason did she improved like that to invite Sundari then? Valli requests that she call Sundari to affirm it. Sundari goes to the call. Appatha asks her when will she get back? Sundari tells her that she completed her test one meeting is remaining. Appatha asks her did she performed well in it? Sundari guarantees her that she did her test competently. Yet, she needs to remain here two additional days. She will arrive at there following two days. Valli requests that Appatha give telephone to her. Appatha didn’t give notice to her and detaches the call. Valli grumblings that she didn’t permit her to chat with her daughter.

Written Update Sundari Today Episode

Meanwhile, Karthick driving the vehicle. Anu is resting alongside him. Lakshmi calls him. He stops the vehicle and goes to the call. He was unable to hear anything in rush hour gridlock sound. Lakshmi illuminates him that Arun wounded Murugan with poison applied blade. Kartick gets stunned to hear it. He asks her when did this occurred? Lakshmi says that Arun grieved Sundari so he went to save her. In any case, he cut him. Minister deal with him. He encouraged her to don’t send him out. She adds that Palani called him to illuminate that Arun abducted Sundari. He went from here without illuminating her anything. Kartick asks her for what good reason did he said that way? Lakshmi says that he went to Kodaikanal to save her. In any case, after that occurrence she was unable to reach him. His telephone was turned off. In the mean time, Anu comes there. Karthick separates the call. Anu asks him what was the deal? Who is ready to come in case of an emergency? Karthick tells her that she was resting soundly. For that reason he didn’t upset her. He just halted the vehicle to go to this call. Anu asks him what’s circumventing them? Kartick requests that she leave this matter.Anu is determined to realize what’s happening? She grievances that somebody hijacked her. Sundari was there. How she will stay silent. He isn’t paying all due respects to her doubting. Kartick shares with her that everything happened due to Sundari. They targetted Sundari yet she was caught in it. Anu asks him what’s this all? Kartick says that she was an issue here. Anu says that she did a slip-up. She shouldn’t have permitted Sundari to go into in her home and being close with Mallika. She neglected to listen his exhort. Kartick requests that she leave this matter. He adds that Anu is pregnant. She shouldn’t take stree during her pregnancy. In the mean time, Arun is in a facility. He requests the specialist to fix him. The specialist encourage him to meet a Muscular. Just he can save him. He is a general specialist. Arun undermines him to treat him as quickly as possible or, more than likely he will kill him. The specialist guarantees to treat him without choice. He endorsed a medication to him.


Arun requests that Ghilli get it quickly. He requests that he orchestrate a vehicle to bring town back. In the interim, Sundari meets the legal advisor and illuminates him that Murugan don’t have weapon with him. In their town they use blade or sword for battle. Nobody will utilize weapon there. He asked her who brings weapon there? Sundari adds that Anu went for her wellbeing. Attorney recommends her to carry Anu to court. She needs to admit her wrongdoing to save Murugan. Sundari says that she was pregnant and has entanglements in her pregnancy. Attorney clears that this is the best way to save him. Sundari looks befuddled. Afterward, Murugan blacks out in the police headquarters. Examiner takes him to hospital.


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