Sundari 16th December 2022 Written Update Today Episode

Sundari Written Update 16th December 2022

The episode begins with Lakshmi appealing to God for Murugan. She gets frustrated when light pass over in breeze. She fears that something is off-base. She wishes to call Sundari. In the interim, Sidharth encourage Sundari to quiet down. She shouldn’t accept choice in rush. We should make a choice about it after Mani came. Lakshmi calls Sundari to ask about Murugan. Sundari misleads her that Murugan is staying in bed tired. She didn’t upset him. Lakshmi feels alleviated hearing it. She requests that Sundari deal with him and separates the call. Sundari weeps hysterically. Sidharth asks her what was the deal? Sundari imparts to him that she misled Lakshmi with practically no choice. How she will impart to Lakshmi that Palani kicked the bucket. Murugan went to prison for it. Mani comes there and asks Sundari what’s happening? Sidharth describes to him everything. Sundari imparts to him that Anu shot him for her wellbeing. Murugan went inside to save Anu.

Written Update Sundari Today Episode

Mani consoles Sundari and calls the controller to ask about Murugan. Overseer illuminates him that Murugan swooned on the way. They conceded him in the clinic. Sundari cries hearing it. Mani takes her to clinic to meet Murugan. Afterward, the specialist really taking a look at Murugan. He illuminates the examiner that toxic substance blended in his blood. Auditor got stunned to hear it. The specialist illuminates him that somebody cut him with poison blended blade it appears. Reviewer imagines that it’s a cerebral pain case. The specialist says that it appears he got wound three days prior. He didn’t take legitimate treatment for this.
It appears he was connected with numerous wrongdoing. He looks sad and extreme. Controller says that he captured him for a homicide case. He didn’t involved blade in it.Meanwhile, Sundari ranges to the emergency clinic. Sundari asks the assistant about Murugan. She tells her it’s police case. They are not permitted to see him. Mani requests her to make reference to the ward number. Mani takes Sundari to meet Murugan. Yet, Constable stops him. Saravanan comes there and welcomes Mani. He lets him know that Sundari is his girl. Allow her to allow to meet him. Saravanan approaches Mani to share something mysterious. Saravanan illuminates Mani that Murugan acknowledged his wrongdoing before Officer. It’s gamble to permit her to meet him. Mani imparts to him that Sundari is his child colleague. She is reading up for IAS. She won’t impact him. Mani adds that he knew Murugan actually. He will not do such mix-ups. Might be conditions made him offender now. Saravanan guarantees him to let her meet him.


Saravanan shares with Sundari that he is permitting her to informally meet him. She shouldn’t make any issues with him. Sundari gets stunned to see Murugan’s injury. Sundari laments for let him be. She wishes to kill Arun for hurt her uncle. She cries seeing his state. She begs him to open his eyes. She imparts her melancholy to him. Murugan acquires his concious. Murugan guarantees her that nothing happened to him. He swooned because of stress. He won’t bite the dust early. He comforts her. Sundari begs Murugan to uncover her what was the deal? Murugan tells her that Palani passed on in view of Anu. She can’t ready to bear this all. They captured Anu rather than Sundari. She shouldn’t assume the fault during her pregnancy. Sundari guarantees him to bring him out. Murugan tells her that Arun was injured lion. He will have returned to get payback. Sundari says that he was the explanation for his state. She will defend himself and bring him out.


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