Sundari 17th December 2022 Written Update Today Episode

Sundari Written Update 17th December 2022

The episode begins with Sundari guarantees Murugan that she will take him out in bail. Saravanan illuminates her that he can’t ready to permit her to chat with Murugan any longer. It’s against regulation. Sundari leaves from that point. Afterward, Mallika gets amazed to see Anu there. She asks her what was the deal? She got back to early home. Anu protests that she was giving significance to Sundari generally. She nearly arrive at close to death due to Sundari. Mallika asks her what was the deal? Anu says that somebody hijacked her rather than Sundari. Mallika asks her who said that way? Anu says that ruffian expressed it to her. Mallika asks her who conceded her in the emergency clinic. Anu says that Karthick tracked down her and conceded her in the emergency clinic. Kartick requests that she leave this matter. Mallika says that she misconstrued something it appears. Anu protests that Sundari remained in the equivalent resturant where they remained. Indeed, even Karthick and Mallika mindful of it. She adds that Sundari’s personality changed when she changed the jewelry for money.

Written Update Sundari Today Episode

Mallika tells her that Sundari doesn’t give significance to cash. On the off chance that she give significance to it then she could never have dismissed the President offer. She is failing to remember it. Anu says that she continuously giving significance to Sundari then her. It appears she cherishes her all the more then her. Kartick says that she is overthinking. Anu means a lot to her than Sundari. He takes her from that point. In the mean time, Kumar crying pondering Palani. He laments for let Palani be. He imagines that he don’t have anybody. He let him be. He reaches to Lakshmi’s home. Lakshmi asks him for what valid reason he got back alone? Where could Palani be? Doesn’t he went with him to Kodaikanal.Kumar Offers with her that Palani was kicked the bucket. Police captured Murugan. He doesn’t have the foggiest idea what to do straightaway? After Palani’s demise he was distant from everyone else. Lakshmi asks him Is he saying reality? Sundari told her that Murugan was taking rest. She doesn’t know regardless of whether to trust it. Kumar commits to her that he was saying reality. Lakshmi imagines that she misconstrued the circumstance it appears. She believes that Sundari misled her not to hurt her. Lakshmi tells him how about we return to Kodaikanal. She can’t remain here any longer. She won’t inconvenience Sundari. She tells him how about we take Krishna’s assistance to deliver Murugan. The legal counselor recommends Sundari to persuade Murugan.


Karthick requests that Anu take rest. He encourages her to don’t ponder others. Simply take rest. Anu requests that he stay with her. He guarantees her that he is staying put. He is remaining in overhang. Lakshmi calls Karthick. He goes to the call. Lakshmi asks him doesn’t he know what’s happening? She illuminates him that Police captured Murugan for Palani’s demise. She requests him to arrive at Kodaikanal quickly. She undermines him to arrive at there or, more than likely he will see her demise. Kartick looks befuddled. In the mean time, Sundari uncovers reality to Malini and Krishna. Malini imparts her distress to Sundari. Sundari consoles her. The attorney requests that Sundari persuade Murugan to acknowledge that he didn’t shoot Palani. Mani recommends her to find the proof in this case.


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