Sundari 19th December 2022 Written Update Today Episode

Sundari Written Update 19th December 2022

The episode begins with Mallika requesting Karthick to admit reality. Karthick says that Anu got back safe. He requests that she leave this matter. Mallika yells on him out of frustration. Kartick asks her to don’t yell Anu is dozing in tired.

Written Update Sundari Today Episode

Sundari saved Anu from the criminals. She conceded her in the emergency clinic. Mallika says that she knows Sundari will not cause anything which damage Anu. Karthik shares with her that he needs to leave thinking Murugan was captured. He is in police station.Karthick tells her that he has no clue about what occurred there as a matter of fact? He needs to clear his uncertainty. Mallika objections that he deliberately harmed Sundari name before Sundari. She questions him for what reason did he incited Anu against Sundari?


Kartick says that he deceived her without choice. Mallika says that he is lying a great deal to save his picture. That is the issues here. She don’t have the foggiest idea when it will get back to him. Karthick leaves from there.

Sundari Latest Spoiler Alerts 19th December 2022

Meanwhile, Sundari sees the paper. She gets stunned to peruse Murugan’s capture news in first page of it. She fears that Valli and Appatha will see it. Sundari calls Janaki to conceal the paper before Valli seeing it.

Janaki asks her what’s wrong. Sundari guarantees her to illuminate everything later. She separates the call. Appatha imparts to Valli that she needs to peruse the paper. She feels exhausted without knowing what’s happening? Valli prods her.

Appatha says that she doesn’t be aware to talk in English like her. Valli says that she can’t deal with her. She needs to see Sundari as quickly as possible. Appatha chides the paper kid for tossing the paper on her.

Janaki fears that Appatha will see the paper. She takes the paper before her. Appatha asks Janaki for what valid reason she is showing suden interest on news. Janaki rehashes Appatha’s discourse to her. Janaki says that she is house proprietor so she will peruse the paper first.

Appatha asks her what’s this new rule? Janaki says that it was old rule. Appatha asks her what has been going on with her? She is acting peculiarly. Janaki is determined to peruse the paper first. She says that Appatha is matured one. What she going to do after peruse the newspaper.

Appatha says that she is imagining like she is more youthful one. Janaki says that she is more youthful than her. Valli tells her that she is imagining like somebody shut to her news came in paper. For that reason she concealing it from them. Janaki deals with the circumstance and leaves from there.

Meanwhile, Mani and Sidharth meets the legal advisor. The attorney illuminates him it’s a convoluted case. Sundari saying Anu shot Palani. Murugan acknowledged that he killed Palani. He isn’t prepared to change his assertion. He acknowledged his slip-up before Magistrate.

Sundari comes there and says that she heard their discussion. Murugan won’t alter his perspective. He is an individual who penance his life for other people. Malini objections that all are examining about this case yet nobody giving an answer for this problem.

Malini requests that Sundari persuade Murugan. The attorney says that she isn’t grasping the circumstance. Imagine a scenario where judge give hang to death or deep rooted behind the bar discipline to him. Malini sobs hysterically and swoons in stress.

Mani requests that Sundari quiet down and consider it in chill mind. He encourages her to persuade Murugan to figure out the circumstance. The legal advisor asks Sundari to caused Murugan to admit the truth.

He adds that report about Murugan came in paper. They have no other choice than this. Afterward, Karthick questions how did Murugan got captured? He calls Krishna to find out about the circumstance. Krishna reproves him for being selfish.

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