Udaariyaan 12th December 2022 Written Update Today Episode

Udaariyaan Written Update 12th December 2022

The episode begins with Shamsher declaring that Naaz-Nikhil’s wedding will be dropped as well in the event that Advait’s wedding happens. Everybody is stunned with the exception of Jasmine, who is blissful. Renuka asks Shamsher and guarantees him that Ekam will bring Mallika. Rama says that it doesn’t appear so. She says that Mallika doesn’t need this wedding. Shamsher remains firm in his choice. The Kapoors start to leave. In any case, Nikhil objects to Shamsher’s choice and pronounces that he will wed Naaz today. Shamsher shares with Nikhil to proceed to wed Naaz, yet asks him not to get back. He says that he will get a spouse however he needs to abandon his father’s riches. Jasmine joyfully moves about Naaz and Nikhil being dropped. She tells Shelly that she will get a preferable person over Nikhil and Advait for Naaz.

Written Update Udaariyaan Today Episode

Nehmat and Satti console Naaz and guarantee her that Mallika will return. Naaz yells that she won’t come. Nehmat and Satti ask how she is certain. Naaz says that everybody says that she won’t come. She requests that Satti and Nehmat follow through with something. In the mean time, Shamsher helps Advait to remember his final offer to him. He says that he tracked down a young lady for Advait and asks him to watch what’s going on quietly. Sandhus and Nehmat go to Shamsher and beseech him to let Naaz and Nikhil’s wedding occur. Shamsher concurs yet says that he has a condition. Nehmat says that they are prepared to consent to anything his condition is. Shamsher requests Nehmat’s hand for Advait, stunning everybody. Advait asks Shamsher what he is talking about. Shamsher hushes him by showing his pointer. Nehmat plunks down in shock. She recollects her guarantee to Ekam to never disappear from him and every one of their minutes together. She’s going to run from that point. Yet, her duppata stalls out in the sword which is in Advait’s grasp. Nehmat pulls it and runs from that point crying. Rupy asks Shamsher not to advance such condition. Yet, Shamsher stays unyielding about his choice. Rupy leaves from that point. Advait will not wed Nehmat, who loves Ekam. Shamsher says that Advait and Nehmat destroyed everything so they need to fix it. He requests that Advait prepare. Jasmine regrets that set of experiences is rehashing. In any case, not set in stone to get Naaz hitched to Advait, not Nehmat. Shelly can’t comprehend the reason why Jasmine detests Nehmat and loves Naaz when they are both her girls and gets some information about the equivalent. Jasmine says that she’s not close with Nehmat as much as she’s nearby with Naaz. Be that as it may, Shelly is dubious.


Naaz inquires as to whether Nehmat consented to wed Advait. Naaz separates in tears and says that everybody whom she adores has disappeared from her life, first her mother, then, at that point, presently Nikhil. Shelly says that Naaz’s joy lives in Nehmat’s choice. Nehmat is attempting to associate with Ekam and cries hard. Advait sees this and expectations that Nehmat won’t wed him. Here, Naaz contends with Rupy and requests that he persuade Nehmat to wed Advait. Rupy will not pamper Nehmat’s life for the wellbeing of Naaz. Shelly and her better half help Naaz. Rupy makes reference to constraining Tejo to wed Fateh when Jasmine left the wedding mandap before and will not recurrent a similar slip-up in the future. Naaz whines to Rupy about adoring Nehmat more than her. She asks Rupy to persuade Nehmat to wed Advait. Satti reviews the cleric’s words and expectations that, whatever occurs, Nehmat ought to be content. Then again, Naaz is crying hard. She chooses to converse with Rupy and tracks down an answer. She runs from that point.

Udaariyaan Latest Spoiler Alerts 12th December 2022

The episode closes.

Precap: Nehmat gets some information about Mallika. Ekam plays the projector. Nehmat is stunned to see the photographs of her and Advait on the screen. Ekam shares with Nehmat that he is dead for her, stunning Nehmat.

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