Udaariyaan 13th December 2022 Written Update Today Episode

Udaariyaan Written Update 13th December 2022

The episode begins with Naaz asking Rupy to persuade Nehmat to wed Advait. Satti down Naaz down. Rupy guarantees Naaz that she will get hitched to Nikhil sooner or prior, yet he won’t drive Nehmat like he constrained Tejo previously, as Tejo needed to confront the results of his off-base choice. Naaz says that she will confront the outcomes of his choice this time. She irately leaves there. Nehmat pursues her to persuade her. Naaz requests that Nehmat wed Advait. Yet, Nehmat rejects, expressing that she adores Elam. Naaz reminds Nehmat that Ekam embarrassed her while Advait is a hero and his companion. Sne attempts to persuade Nehmat. Nehmat reviews Ekam saying that they ought to talk after Mallika’s wedding. Nehmat declines. Naaz reminds Nehmat how she saved Ekam’s life when Nikhil’s companions went after them and Nehmat’s guarantee to satisfy anything that she would request. Naaz requests that Nehmat consent to wed Advait in return for her approval. All at once, Nehmat accepts Ekam’s call. Nehmat inquires as to whether he tracked down Mallika. He denies. Nehmat lets him know what has occurred. Ekam requests that Nehmat come to the location that he will share. Nehmat concurs. Rupy hears this. Nehmat guarantees Naaz that Mallika will return and her wedding will happen. She sees Rupy. She educates him concerning Ekam’s call and goes to meet him.

Written Update Udaariyaan Today Episode

Nehmat arrives at the location sent by Ekam. Nehmat embraces Ekam crying. She cries hard. She educates him concerning Shamsher’s condition and cries hard, regretting. Ekam found Mallika and the last option breaking into tears embracing him. Nehmat tracks down Mallika and is going to go close to her. Mallika requests that Nehmat avoid her. Mallika suddenly erupts Nehmat for breaking her trust and undermining her. The last option is befuddled and asks what she did. Ekam projects Nehmat and Advait’s photos on the screen. Nehmat is shocked to see those photos and plunks down because of the shock. Nehmat attempts to clear up for Mallika and Ekam that these photographs are obviously false. Mallika blames Nehmat for going to Shimla with her prospective spouse. Nehmat reviews Mallika about their fellowship and says that this isn’t reality. Mallika won’t trust Nehmat. She requests that Nehmat get hitched to Advait since she has proactively gone through a night with him and requests that she trick the Kapoors alongside Naaz, similar to she bamboozled them. She says that she left Advait for her. She discards the ring and indignantly leaves. Shamsher gets some information about their choice. Rupy requests that Shamsher stand by till Nehmat’s return. Advait won’t wed Nehmat, who loves Ekam and trusts that she will not wed him. Jasmine ponders where Nehmat has gone. Shelly says that Nehmat probably gone to meet Ekam. Then again, Nehmat attempts to make sense of for Ekam that she went to Shimla with Advait for true work. Be that as it may, Ekam will not trust her. He says that he pardoned her and considered fixing all that he believed that she would never deceive him, yet she disproved him and made himextremely upset once more. Nehmat denies deceiving her. She inquires as to whether he has zero faith in her. Ekam says that Nehmat is in those photographs and says that Nehmat broke his trust. He requests that Nehmat fail to remember him and thinks about him as death. He irately says that everything is over between them from here on out. He leaves, leaving a stunned Nehmat behind.


The episode closes.

Udaariyaan Latest Spoiler Alerts 13th December 2022

Precap: Naaz takes steps to slit her wrist and requests that Nehmat wed Advait assuming she thinks often about her. Shelly tells everybody that Nehmat consented to wed Advait. Nehmat tragically prepares for the wedding.

The episode begins with Barfi declaring to the Ahlawat family she currently possesses all of the Ahlawat family property. The entire Ahlawat family gets dazed hearing this. Meet Ahlawat asks Raj what is she referring to? Barfi shows the reports and says today is her day. Barfi says she will toss them out very much like they tossed her girl out of this house.

Barfi says she came to get back at them. Meet says these records are phony. Raj additionally says these archives are phony. Barfi says she realizes they might have a hard time believing her that is the reason she brought a court request. Babita begins contending with Barfi. Raj requests that they quiet down. Meet Ahlawat tells Barfi that in the event that her child is here, he would have been embarrassed about her activities. Barfi says he offered grace on her girl and child once that is the reason she isn’t tossing them out of this house at the present time and says they have 24 hrs to empty the house and requests that they do what they can.

Meet Ahlawat takes the archives and understands them. Meet additionally sees the archives alongside Meet Ahlawat. Barfi says she will bid farewell to them tomorrow.

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