Udaariyaan 14th December 2022 Written Update Today Episode

Udaariyaan Written Update 14th December 2022

The episode begins with Nehmat attempting to clear up for Ekam. In any case, the last option won’t pay attention to her and splits up his relationship with her. He requests that she get lost and requests that she wed Advait, stunning Nehmat. Nehmat’s duppata stalls out in Ekam’s watch. Ekam takes a gander at Advait and Nehmat’s photos on the screen. He isolates Nehmat’s duppata from his watch by tearing it. Nehmat strolls in reverse, reviewing her minutes with Ekam. She takes a gander at Ekam once prior to beginning to stroll from that point. Nehmat accepts Satti’s call. Satti tells Nehmat that Naaz locked herself and takes steps to commit suicide.

Written Update Udaariyaan Today Episode

Sandhus ask Naaz to open the entryway. Mallika sees and acclaims Naaz to her. All at once, Nehmat shows up there and requests that Naaz open the entryway. Nehmat hurries to the rear of the room. She is stunned to see through the glass window Naaz holding a blade close to her wrist and cautions the family. The family is stunned to see this and asks Naaz to open the entryway. Jasmine grins seeing this and thinks that Naaz is her girl, so she will kill others as opposed to committing suicide. She believes that Naaz will open the entryway once she gets what she needs. Nehmat breaks the glass window and heads inside. She attempts to grab the blade from her hand. She slaps Naaz and discards the blade. Naaz will not live when she can’t get her affection. Shelly requests that Nehmat consent to wed Advait. Nehmat reviews Ekam’s words and yells that Naaz will get Nikhil. Naaz asks how. Nehmat says that she is prepared to wed Advait. Shelly says that she will illuminate everybody this. Shelly lets everybody know that Nehmat consented to wed Advait, stunning everybody aside from Shamsher and Nikhil, who are blissful. Rupy won’t completely accept that that Nehmat concurred and says that Nehmat should be compelled to concur. Shelly denies and says that she settled on her own. Shamsher asks Rupy what his concern is when Nehmat concurs and requests that he prepare for the wedding. Advait tells Shamsher that he needs to converse with him in private.


Naaz says thanks to Nehmat for consenting to wed Advait for her. Rupy shows up there. Naaz tells Rupy that Nehmat saved his standing and her affection by consenting to wed Advait. Rupy says that he needs to converse with Nehmat alone. Naaz murmurs to Nehmat not to alter her perspective prior to leaving. There, Advait tells Shamsher that he can’t wed Nehmat, who loves Ekam. He won’t turn into a substitute. Shamsher won’t take a chance with his standing and both their professions. He encourages Advait to prevail upon Nehmat and eliminates Ekam’s name from her heart. He leaves. Advait gets incensed at Nehmat for consenting to wed him when she’s not constrained as is he.

Udaariyaan Latest Spoiler Alerts 14th December 2022

Rupy tells Nehmat that he realizes that she consented to wed Advait to save his standing and Naaz’s affection. He says that even Tejo did this and won’t allow Nehmat to forfeit her satisfaction for them. He asks then everything Ekam said to her, assuming he excused her. As Nehmat will remain silent, he chooses to call Ekam and inquire. However, Nehmat stops Rupy. The last option inquires as to whether Ekam is as yet furious with Ekam. He asks Nehmat for what reason she needs to wed Advait, leaving her experience growing up adoration Ekam. Nehmat says that she has continued on in her life. Rupy requests that Nehmat let him know the justification for her choice. Nehmat asks Rupy not to inquiry her and simply support her. Rupy embraces Nehmat and says that he will continuously uphold her, yet her choice will demolish her life. That’s what nehmat says however it will save Naaz’s life. She requests that he make courses of action for the wedding. Rupy reviews Tejo consenting to wed Fateh to save his standing.

Jasmine gives Shelly two comparable duppata and trains her to trade ladies. Then again, Shamsher assists Advait with preparing. He says that he will illuminate the media that Advait is getting hitched to Nehmat, not Mallika, so the following day Nehmat and Advait’s wedding photographs will get distributed in papers. He leaves.

Ekam indignantly gazes at Nehmat and Advait’s photographs on the screen and reviews Nehmat and his second. He furiously breaks things and starts to sob uncontrollably. Here, Nehmat is unfortunately preparing for the wedding. She runs into the washroom. She likewise separates into tears reviewing Ekam.

The episode closes.

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