Udaariyaan 15th December 2022 Written Update Today Episode

Udaariyaan Written Update 15th December 2022

The episode begins with Nehmat preparing for the wedding. She reviews Ekam parting ways with her and Naaz taking steps to end it all. Satti eliminates the stink eye from Nehmat and kisses her temple. Naaz praises Nehmat’s magnificence and requests that Shelly click a photograph of her and Nehmat. Shelly obliges. Naaz shares with Satti that Advait is a hero and he will keep Nehmat blissful. She requests that everybody be cheerful. Shelly additionally concurs with Naaz and taps the image of Naaz and Nehmat. Rama sees this. She says that Advait stalled out with Nehmat and asks why Nehmat consented to wed Advait when she cherishes Ekam.

Written Update Udaariyaan Today Episode

Shelly puts the duppata on both Naaz and Nehmat’s heads to cover their appearances. Naaz whines that the duppata ruins her haircut. Satti tells Shelly not to put on the duppata as it’s not the latest thing. Shelly reviews that Jasmine requested that she recount to a concocted story that there would be terrible signs in the event that the sisters’ countenances weren’t covered with the shroud. Shelly cries fake tears and portrays a phony story to persuade them. Naaz gets terrified that there will be any issues in the future at her wedding and consents to put on the duppata. Shelly signs Jasmine, who is watching this stowing away. Jasmine considers redirecting everybody’s consideration from the wedding mandap to trade ladies. Rama shares with Shamsher that Advait is troubled to wed Nehmat and she could do without Nehmat either and inquires as to whether he can’t track down differently. Shamsher requests that Rama acknowledge Nehmat as she will end up being their little girl in-regulation and requests that she cause Advait to comprehend this as well. Jasmine moves covering her face with the duppata. Naaz and Nehmat are taken to the wedding mandap. Jasmine’s man showers smoke around. Jasmine signs Shelly. The last option professes to move, holding the ladies’ hands. She trades Nehmat with Naaz. She requests that Satti take Naaz (Nehmat) to the mandap while she takes Nehmat (Naaz). The ladies sit close to the men of the hour. Nehmat is sitting close to Nikhil, while Naaz is sitting close to Advait. Jasmine watches this sneering. Shelly keeps Naaz from looking towards the man of the hour.


On the other hand, Ekam consumes all his photographs with Nehmat. Nehmat reviews Ekam’s commitment of never leaving her. There, Ekam eliminates his sherwani, reviewing Nehmat giving him it. An enraged Ekam is going to toss the sherwani in the fire, yet he quits seeing the piece of Nehmat’s wedding lehenga hanging with his sherwani. He removed it. Ekam reviews Nehmat saying that she would kick the bucket without him. Ekam feels that he can’t survive without Nehmat. He will not allow Nehmat to wed Advait. He chooses to proceed to stop the wedding.

Udaariyaan Latest Spoiler Alerts 15th December 2022

Here, Nehmat, Naaz, Nikhil and Advait participate in the wedding ceremonies. Rupy laments not having the option to get Nehmat her satisfaction and won’t excuse himself for that. Shamsher ponders where Jasmine is and believes that it’s better that she left. Jasmine is joyfully moving that her arrangement was effective. Shelly goes to Jasmine and gets some information about sending her to Canada. Jasmine says that she will satisfy Shelly’s desire when her desire is satisfied. She gives Shelly the precious stone neckband that she got for Naaz and requests that she gift Naaz during the kanyadan. Here, the cleric asks the man of the hour and lady to put their hands together for Kanyadan. Nehmat puts her hand on Nikhil’s hand. Nehmat sees the arm band with twofold NN on the man of the hour’s hand. She reviews Naaz showing her a wristband with twofold N that she will gift Nikhil. Nehmat gets dicey and grasps her hand back. Nehmat is stunned to see Naaz’s name composed on his palm.

The episode closes.

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