Udaariyaan 16th December 2022 Written Update Today Episode

Udaariyaan Written Update 16th December 2022

The episode begins with Nehmat seeing the wristband gifted by Naaz on the husband to be’s hand and Naaz’s name composed on his palm and eliminating her duppata. Nikhil says Nehmat. Naaz additionally eliminates her duppata. Everybody is stunned to understand that the ladies were traded. Shelly is frightened of getting found out. Rupy chides Satti. Satti reviews Shelly’s words and chides her. Shelly reviews Jasmine’s statement and swallows in dread. In the mean time, Jasmine is ready to come in case of an emergency with her little girl, Harleen. She vows to get back to her in multi week and party with her on her #1 journey. Harleen inquires as to whether that person is close to him. Jasmine asks who. Harleen reviews Ekam’s words and says that she has close to zero familiarity with his name, however his discussions were cool. Jasmine grasps that she’s discussing Ekam. She says that his discussions are silly and asks Harleen not to engage in this. She separates the call. She asks why the ministers reciting of mandra halted. She contemplates whether the kanyadan had proactively occurred. She returns to check. Here, Naaz and Nehmat trade their places. Advait tells Nehmat that she’s a miscreant. All of a sudden, Jasmine shows up there and is stunned to see her arrangement being slumped. She feels that she can’t allow this to occur at any expense. Shelly considers effectively taking care of herself. Shelly shuts Jasmine’s mouth with her hands and effectively takes her from that point.

Written Update Udaariyaan Today Episode

Jasmine pushes Shelly down and reproves Shelly for not appropriately executing her arrangement. Shelly says that Nehmat ruined the arrangement. Jasmine says that she doesn’t need Shelly in her arrangement any longer. She understands what to do and will do it single-handedly. She starts to leave. Shelly attempts to stop Jasmine, yet all at once to no end. Jasmine goes there and stands stunned to see Naaz-Nikhil and Nehmat-Advait trade wreaths. She erroneously pushes down a bloom container. Everybody hears the sound and looks towards that side, however doesn’t see anybody. Shelly removes Jasmine. Jasmine slaps Shelly. She won’t allow Nehmat to do the very that Tejo did with her with Naaz. Here, Shamsher ties the gathbandhan of Nehmat and Advait. There, an enraged Jasmine needs to consume the wedding mandap that consumes Naaz’s satisfaction. Shelly stops Jasmine and quiets her down, saying that she won’t have the option to do anything assuming anybody sees her. She tells Jasmine to allow Naaz to wed Nikhil now. Afterward, she can get them separated and get Naaz hitched to the decision of her person. She gives Jasmine juice. Jasmine swoons subsequent to drinking the juice. Here, Nehmat-Advait, Naaz-Nikhil’s take pheras. Nehmat cries, reviewing her minutes with Ekam. Somewhere else, Ekam is shown running out and about. He believes that he can’t survive without Nehmat. Here, Nehmat and Advait take their last phere. Ekam shows up there and cancels the wedding. He tells Nehmat that she can’t do this wedding. He eliminates the gathbandhan and tells Nehmat that she can’t wed any other individual as she has a place with him. He is sorry to Nehmat for getting her wrong. He cups Nehmat’s face and says that he can’t survive without her and looks for her pardoning. Nehmat cries. Ekam guarantees her to make everything fine and says that she doesn’t have to wed Advait. He kisses her temple. Ekam lifts Nehmat in his arms and takes her from that point. Everything ends up being Nehmat’s fantasy. Nehmat’s uncle ties the gathbandhan, which gets loosened, once more. Somewhere else, Ekam is shown lying on the sand, breathing vigorously.


The episode closes.


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