Udaariyaan 17th December 2022 Written Update Today Episode

Udaariyaan Written Update 17th December 2022

The episode begins with Advait wearing the marital chain around Nehmat’s neck. Advait fills Nehmat’s hairline with Vermilion. Nehmat cries, recollecting Ekam. Nhikil likewise plays out a similar custom with Naaz. The cleric declares the wedding is finished. Jasmine acquires awareness. She recalls what occurred and recollects Shelly talking about that Nehmat ruined the arrangement. Jasmine says that Nehmat is like Tejo, needed to grab Naaz’s freedoms and won’t allow Nehmat to make it happen. The correspondents are taking Advait and Nehmat’s meeting. Naaz and Nhikil proceed to remain close to them. Naaz attempts to stand out enough to be noticed, yet she gets overlooked. Afterward, it’s the ideal opportunity for Nehmat and Naaz’s farewell. Shelly gifts Naaz the precious stone set given by Jasmine. Naaz remembers it and inquires as to whether she got it. Shelly lies, yes. Rupy cries, embracing Nehmat. He encourages her to get back to their home assuming she feels choked by this constrained marriage, or not to keep any relationship in which she feels emptiness.

Written Update Udaariyaan Today Episode

Shamsher and Rama hear this. Shamsher asks Rupy not to offer wrong guidance to Nehmat, rather exhort her beneficial things, as Advait is a political figure and everybody’s consideration will be more on Nehmat, who is his significant other, than Advait. Sandhus cry, embracing Nehmat and Naaz. They have a profound second. Nehmat and Naaz play out their bidaai custom. Nikhil and Naaz leave in a vehicle, while Advait, Nehmat, Shamsher and Rama leave in another vehicle. Rupy cries, saying that he forfeited another Tejo and embraces his family, beginning to sob uncontrollably. Somewhere else, Ekam is shown lying out and about. Kapoors vehicles pass by that side. Nehmat neglects to see Ekam. The last option lifts his head up and sees a wedding couple’s vehicle passing before fainting.The love birds arrive at Kapoors chateau. As the media is there to cover them, Advait requests that Nehmat quit crying and phony a grin as they will be on everybody’s concentration. Nehmat obliges. Nikhil invites Naaz to their home and is going to take her inside, however the auntie stops him, requesting that he let his siblings by marriage go inside first. Rama plays out the couples aarti. She frowns at Nehmat, reviewing Nehmat slapping Ekam. Nehmat and Naaz kick the rice pot. The two of them is going to place their feet bleeding cash shaded water. The auntie stops Naaz and requests that she let Nehmat play out the custom first, which irritates Naaz. Nehmat wets her feet losing money hued water and afterward strolls on the white-shaded material. Advait strolls quicker than Nehmat. The auntie holds their gathbandhan and requests that Advait sit tight for Nehmat. Advait tells Nehmat to figure out how to stroll close by, as he could do without to hang tight for anybody, particularly not for her.


In Randawa’s home, Mallika cries, recalling Advait. Renuka thinks that she is crying and embraces her. Mallika tells Renuka that she was correct about Nehmat. She grabbed Advait from her and destroyed her life. Renuka consoles Mallika. Renuka says Ekam. Renuka and Mallika go to Ekam’s space to find him and they’re stunned not to track down Ekam in the room, but rather the consumed photograph of Ekam and Nehmat. They’re terrified that Ekam will make an off-base stride and go to find him.

Udaariyaan Latest Spoiler Alerts 17th December 2022

At the Kapoors’ home, Advait and Nehmat play out the post-wedding custom. The two of them until the danger from one another wrist with practically no intrest. Shamsher shouts to Rama and requests that she advise Advait to play out the ceremonies, grinning as he is in the focal point of the multitude of columnists. Rama tells something very similar to Advait. Advait requests that Nehmat claim to be content and insults her. The auntie places a ring in the milk and requests that Nehmat and Advait find it and says the person who will find it will lead over the other. Naaz roots for Nehmat.

On the other hand, Mallika and Renuka find Ekam lying on the side of the road. They wake him up. Renuka tells Ekam that Nehmat would have hung tight for himself and requested a clarification from him as opposed to leaving assuming she had really focused on him. She says that Nehmat was in a rush to wed Advait. She says that Nehmat isn’t the ideal decision for Ekam or their loved ones. Ekam cries. Renuka curses Nehmat for demolishing her kids’ lives. Here, Advait and Nehmat are looking for the ring in the milk. Advait tells Nehmat that regardless of who wins in this custom, he will continuously overwhelm her in their relationship. Nehmat looks on at him.

The episode ends.

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